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How our LinkedIn advertising agency works

Kamel Ben Yakoub

LinkedIn advertising strategy

LinkedIn advertising strategy

  • One of the first and most important steps our LinkedIn ad agency will take is to create a tailored marketing strategy that will help your business to reach its goals.

    This is done by analysing the industry as a whole and looking at what your business is already doing well, so we can identify areas that need improving. We can then help you to set a clear, overall goal and determine which types of LinkedIn ads you should run to help you achieve this.

    But no matter what your goal, we are confident that our LinkedIn advertising agency can help
  • LinkedIn ad development
    The next thing we will work on with you is your LinkedIn adverts.

    We will us your expertise to help you get a content calendar in place, develop creative ideas and write engaging copy.

    Your team will then have the chance to review and approve any work we’ve created before it goes out. Once approved, your tailored LinkedIn advertising campaign can begin
  • LinkedIn ad monitoring
    Our LinkedIn advertising agency will be monitoring all your LinkedIn campaigns on a regular basis in order to keep track of the data and respond accordingly. We will also:

    • Maintain your advertising budget
    • Keep an eye on the progress of your campaign
    • Keep track of what works and what doesn’t
    • Make changes as required

    Doing this ensures that your business will see the results you want.
  • LinkedIn ad optimisation
    The success of your LinkedIn advertising will depend on how well optimised your campaign is. We are on hand to ensure that the right type of content is posted and that there are lots of ways to en-gage with your target audience and maximise your content.

    They will also continually analyse your ad campaign to make data-driven decisions that can help to boost performance.


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