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Trusted by 40+ leading SaaS companies​​

Siemens client

Deep expertise matters​

We choose to focus on one thing and do it well

Programmatic & ABM

Target accounts globally, reach key stakeholders, and execute engaging, highly personalized campaigns through third-party data sets from the best B2B platforms

Google Ads / Bing Ads

We have grown software and technology companies with search advertising. We are former Head of Marketing focused on Maximizing the ROI of your PPC campaigns

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads need to be delivered by B2B marketers with a deep understanding of B2B buyer journeys & buyer intent. We focus on ROI: MQL, pipeline and revenue are the goal

What kind of results have our clients seen?

SaaS PPC case study

Cybersecurity Company increase of customers by 284% with PPC

This company leader in in IT and OT critical infrastructure cybersecurity solutions had been running PPC campaigns for years, but most leads were of low quality. They had just about given up on running Google ads campaigns when they first approached us.

What our SaaS PPC Agency do?

Work with an Agency experienced in SaaS Marketing

Audience and Keyword research aligned with SaaS B2B buyer intent

Our strategy and planning services are engineered around deep industry insights and a thorough understanding of your audience. We work with this data to build detailed roadmaps that set out in forensic detail how to realise your SaaS growth objectives.

Keywords and audience segmentation play an important role in making the paid ads more effective. First, we provide the service of perfect keyword and audience analysis in order to create a relevant keywords list and audience targeting criteria.

Then we organize paid campaigns with the most relevant ads, offers and landing pages.
SaaS PPC agency team
SaaS PPC optimization

Campaign management and optimization focused on conversions

Our SaaS PPC agency focus on conversions, not cost per click (CPC). Testing continuously and offering a relevant, timely offer to users. We create granular campaign structures, compelling ad copy and landing pages creation to achieve the highest conversion rate possible.

We monitor and optimize your campaigns on a daily basis. We go through new data and take insights to squeeze out more alpha which means more revenue from your ad campaigns.

Scale your advertising campaign results and grow your SaaS business with campaign strategy and execution from our experienced team.

Real-time reporting built into a custom dashboard

Many SaaS PPC agencies operate on a "set it and forget it" model. We’re quite the opposite. We monitor your accounts daily, are in touch with you weekly, and are consistently pushing your ROI forward. We aim to provide a best-in-class service and operate as an extension of your marketing team.

After the initial campaign has been run, you will receive weekly reports. This will allow you to see results in real-time and can give you a competitive edge. These reports will measure the return on investment (ROI), and we will go through these with you to help you understand the results.

From setting up accurate tracking and reporting with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio along with SEMRush, Google Search Console, and Power Analytics we have all the data along with the insights to make it actionable.

SaaS PPC reporting
b2b google ads client

" We've worked with Getuplead for over 12 months and I have found their performance on our PPC campaigns to be excellent – far better than some other larger SaaS PPC agencies we've used in the past. Getuplead comes highly recommended. "

Mark Seemans

CEO at Staffcircle

What you get

We'll choose the channels that make the most sense for your buyer persona to increase conversions.

SaaS PPC leads

You’re getting in front of the best customers for your SaaS business.

We’ll build a PPC strategy that improves the quality of leads and volume of conversions by targeting relevant keywords, bringing you only the highest intent traffic from LinkedIn ads, Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Industries we work with

Happy Clients

Yohabet Ladapo Tejeida

I've worked with a lot of B2B and B2C agencies in the past, and I can tell you that I've never met a more proficient, involved, and responsible team than Getuplead

Paid Advertising Manager at Sealed Air


Mark Seemann

We've worked with Getuplead for over 12 months and I have found their performance on our PPC campaigns to be excellent – far better than some other larger PPC agencies we've used in the past. Getuplead comes highly recommended.

CEO at StaffCircle


Alexandre Guinefolleau

Extensive knowledge of PPC, and the ongoing work has really helped us in Amenitiz so far! I would recommend working with them.​

CEO at Amenitiz


Timo Van Bargen

Getuplead helped us to get started with an effective paid marketing strategy for our B2B platform leveraging different channels such as Google, Bing, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Since then they regularly adjusted the campaigns for optimal results, challenged our go-to-market approach, and trained our marketing team.

Managing Director at Covalo


Gabriela Fabrin Guerra

Have recently completed a LinkedIn Ads campaign Getuplead and have only good things to say. This was the most successful LinkedIn campaign we ever ran and working with them was just a pleasure. The process was easy, quick and their team was extremely responsive. Can't wait to see what our next campaign together can bring!

Marketing Manager at Bremmar


Annie Slattery

Skilled B2B marketing professionals with a primary focus on customer acquisition through PPC. Their skills and extensive experience helped us to significantly increase our number of qualified leads in a few months. I would highly recommend them.

CEO at ConX



Frequently asked questions

No, we don’t need a long-term contract. We work with a month-to-month agreement and are enough confident about our results and ethics to get you on a long term partnership with us. ​Our SaaS PPC Agency also dedicated to transparency – which is why we always share our data, account set ups, strategies and tactics with our clients.
Yes we do. The ads design is included in the pricing. In any case, you can always manage in-house if you want to.
We love a smooth communication through different channels (slack, email, skype…) and also report weekly/monthly depending on your needs.
We serve clients all around the world. Currently, most of our clients are from North-America, Europe and Australia.

As a Global SaaS PPC agency, there are a few things that make us stand out: 

  • We have global experience, operating with clients in North America, Europe and Oceania.
  • Getting results and being transparent about them are our top priorities.
  • From keyword to ROI, our campaigns are driven and optimized with full funnel visibility.
  • Based on our testing and learning, we provide you with weekly or monthly insights, recommendations, and future initiatives that meet your needs.

You are in good hands

Siemens client

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