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LinkedIn Follower Ads: The Quick Guide

Depending on what your LinkedIn Ads campaign objectives are, you may find LinkedIn Follower Ads ideal for expanding your brand’s audience and building a bigger online network of potentially profitable leads.

Never used LinkedIn Follower ads before? No problem! Our LinkedIn ads agency Getuplead has prepared a quick guide to take advantage of follower ads.

We’ll give you all the ins and outs of how they work – and why they’re so powerful. 

1 – What are LinkedIn Follower Ads? 

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you will have seen LinkedIn Follower ads appear on your feed – whether you know it or not.

Not sure what they are? That’s part of their charm!

They are the features that look like recommendations for brands or pages. Upon closer inspection you will see they are actually advertisements, and will even have a small font saying ‘ad’ at the top right of the “recommendation”.

In short, they are cleverly-disguised personalised ads for brands/pages/products that have been deliberately targeted at you based on your LinkedIn user data.

If you click on these ads, you will see a little more information about what’s up for grabs, as well as a call-to-action (CTA) that the advertiser hopes you will click on to be converted.

These ads are far from generic. They are personalised to each and every prospect to make them more appealing – that’s where their power lies – that, and that they don’t appear like typical spammy ads.

2 – Why Use LinkedIn Follower Ads?

LinkedIn Follower ads can be extremely lucrative for B2B brands for the following three reasons:

  1. They are Inexpensive

LinkedIn Follower ads are an affordable option; particularly in comparison to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, and can be a great option for new B2B brands or SMEs on a limited budget.

  1. They Allow for a Personal Element

As we mentioned earlier, the power of LinkedIn Follower ads lies within their “personal” approach.

You can address your audience members by their first names (or their profile pic), which leads the prospect to believe that LinkedIn is offering personal recommendations to help the prospect build their LinkedIn network or connect with like-minded individuals, brands, services, or products.

  1. They’re Attention-Grabbing

Again, because they don’t look like atypical spammy ads – and because they appear to be aimed at YOU and you alone – they are more eye-catching than other types of online ads.

Because LinkedIn Follower ads use your name and/or your profile pic, they immediately grab your attention – it’s basic psychology!

3 – Linkedin Follower Ads Specs

Ad description: Up to 70 characters
Ad headline: Choose a pre-set option or write up to 50 characters
Company name: Up to 25 characters
Ad image: Preferably 100 x 100px for JPG or PNG

Description Options

  • JANE, stay informed of industry news and trends
  • Get the latest jobs and industry news
  • Get the latest on jobs, news and more Imagine your next career move
  • Keep up with interesting, relevant updates
  • Opportunities are knocking on your door
  • Ready for your next opportunity?
  • Receive daily or weekly company updates
  • Receive daily or weekly organization updates
  • Stay informed on industry news and trends
  • Visit the careers page for ACME!
  • Visit the company for ACME
  • Visit the organization page for ACME!
  • You’ve got the skills, ACME has the opportunities!
  • You’ve got the skills, we’ve got the opportunities!

Headline Options

  • JOE, ACME is hiring!
  • JOE, current recruiting in your sector!
  • JOE, explore relevant opportunities with ACME!
  • JOE, get the latest on ACME new, jobs, and more!
  • JOE, Get the latest on ACME News, Jobs, and More
  • JOE, grow your business with news and insights from ACME
  • JOE, grow your career by following ACME
  • JOE, keep up with relevant opportunities at ACME
  • JOE, keep up with the latest insights from ACME
  • JOE, ready for your dream job?
  • JOE, you might like to follow ACME
  • Grow your business wih insights from ACME
  • Grow your business with news and insights from ACME

Call To Action Options

  • Visit careers
  • Visit company
  • Visit jobs
  • Visit life

4 – LinkedIn Follower Ads Top Tips & Good Practices

When creating your LinkedIn Follower ads, you’ll want to take the time to ensure you do everything to see the best outcome (and return-on-investment, of course), so here are some of the best things you can do for a successful ad result:

  • First things first – exclude your current followers/audience from your Follower ad. Why? Because you want to target new prospects. Chances are, your current followers are already familiar with your brand, so you want to expand your audience.
  • Make sure you tick the box that allows your (new) audience to see their profile picture next to the ad – this is crucial for enhancing your chance of catching their eye.
  • Take advantage of the ad templates LinkedIn offers to find the best option for your brand/ad.


The beauty of LinkedIn Follower ads is the ability to make your audience make them feel special by making it look like the ad was designed for them and them alone.

Take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer here – from the personalising options, to the ad templates – to design a killer ad that your audience can’t resist.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help B2B SaaS and Tech companies grow their MRR through LinkedIn advertising, contact us online or send us an email today at to speak with someone on our team.

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