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How To Manage Your LinkedIn Ad Frequency

Because the average attention span of any given Internet user is very low (12 seconds, max), as a digital marketing-using brand, you’ll need to make sure your online content grabs – and keeps – the attention of your target audience.

Platforms, such as LinkedIn, are heavily-saturated with advertising content, which also drums in the importance of your content standing out.

Also, if you’re focusing your content on a targeted audience (which you should be if you want it to be successful!), it is important to make sure your LinkedIn ads are being scheduled at the right time (AKA, your audience’s peak times), to increase the chance of lead generation and conversion. Let’s dig in one of the most important LinkedIn Ads metrics: the LinkedIn ad frequency.

1 – What is LinkedIn Ad Frequency?

Ad frequency on LinkedIn is the total number of times your ad campaign is seen by a unique user. It is calculated by dividing your total number of ad impressions by your total ad reach.

Meaning, if you ran a LinkedIn ad campaign for one week, targeting 4000 people that gained 5000 impressions, your ad frequency will be 1.25. This means that most unique users saw your ad 1 to 2 times.

2 – How to Find Your LinkedIn Ads Frequency

You can view your Ads Frequency on LinkedIn by doing the following:

– Log into Campaign Manager on LinkedIn.

– Select the campaign group, campaign, or ad you want to monitor.

– Change the “Columns” dropdown to “Delivery”.

LinkedIn ad frequency

3 – What LinkedIn Ad Frequency Should I Aim For?

When using LinkedIn to create sponsored ad content, you’ll need to select a budget, which you’ll want to get the best out of to ensure a good ROI. To do this, you’ll need to regularly monitor the metrics of your campaign/s to avoid what’s known in the biz as “ad fatigue” (your audience seeing the same content over and over again).

Unfortunately, where it gets tricky is there isn’t one specific number of times an ad should be shown that boasts the perfect frequency. In reality, it will depend on a series of factors, including your industry/niche, the size of your audience, and most importantly (which, unfortunately, you have no control over) – how often your audience members log on to their LinkedIn account.

The good news is testing your budget and audience can help you find the right balance here, but the unofficial frequency sweet spot based on our LinkedIn ads agency benchmark is 3-4.

4 – What Influences Ad Frequency (& How To Increase It Successfully)

It may be tempting to increase the frequency of your ads to ensure they’re being seen, but unfortunately, this can result in what we mentioned earlier – ad fatigue – which will make your audience feel like they’re being targeted by spam.

What Affects Ad Frequency?

There are a few factors that may influence your ad frequency, including:

Ad Types

LinkedIn offers more than one ad type/format, such as basic text ads, video ads, and so on.


If your ad is a retargeting ad, this also influences your ad frequency. Retargeting audiences tend to be smaller than the initial campaign’s audience. And with retargeting ads, if you’ve done a/b testing prior, this should give you some insight on the best ad frequency for this campaign.

Audience & Budget Size

If you want to increase frequency, you can decrease your audience size, so your ad is being shown to a much smaller (but more relevant) audience at a more frequent rate. Conversely, you can increase your daily budget, so that your ad is more beneficial to your audience size, if you want to advertise on a larger scale.

Please note: if you’re a SME or you’re just starting out as a company, it is likely your audience will be on the smaller side. It is worth mentioning here that the minimum number of users in an audience should be 300.


The content you create plays an important role in your LinkedIn ad campaigns’ success, but so do other factors, such as ad type, warmth of audience, and the frequency of when your ads are being displayed.

There is no ideal number of times an ad should be displayed on a day-to-day basis over the span of your campaign being live, but with a little a/b testing and paying attention to certain factors as mentioned above, you should be able to find your campaign’s own “sweet spot”.

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