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5 Key Reasons to Hire a SaaS SEO Consultant

Do you have issues when using SEO for promoting your SaaS business? You are not alone. Due to a few specifics of SEO for SaaS, it is not as easy to do SEO for that kind of business as it is for products that have a shorter sales cycle. Enter the need to get a SaaS SEO consultant. But why should you hire one?

Why Should You Hire An SEO Consultant

When looking to improve SEO for your SaaS business, you’ll need to hire a SaaS SEO consultant. You might have a great marketing team, but this kind of consultant will make a huge difference in your business and we’ll explain a few reasons why in this article.

1. Hiring a SaaS SEO Consultant Saves Money and Resources

You might have all the fancy SEO software, but if you don’t have someone who knows how to use it, you’re losing money. Hiring a SaaS SEO consultant is not cheap, but that professional will be able to fix your SEO strategy using the data provided by the software and other market research tools.

The right SaaS SEO consultant will not only save your resources by telling you how to iterate your SEO strategy but will also save you money by telling you which software do you need and the tools you can ditch. As we mentioned, SEO tools are nothing if they aren’t used correctly, and the right professional will dig through the wealth of information in order to get you those gems you’re after.

2. An SaaS SEO Consultant Can Produce Better Results

SaaS SEO consultants are specialized professionals that know all the ins and outs of SEO and how to research your stats and your competitors’.

First of all, your SEO consultant will conduct keyword research in order to find the keywords that best suit your business goals and your kind of product. This keyword research will guide your SEO work and help you face the competition, by aiming at keywords that are technically specific and long-tail.

Other than that, an essential part of the SaaS SEO consultant’s job is performing an SEO audit on your website. This audit will show you your strengths and weaknesses, and you can also compare it to data from your competitors. Once you know what you’re doing right and what you can improve, it’s easy to upgrade your website according to your consultant’s instructions.

Link building is another extremely difficult task in SEO unless you’re sure about what you’re doing. Actually, some sources say it’s the most difficult part of SEO, because you need to create conditions (by chugging out content) for other websites to link to you. How do you create linkable content? By understanding your industry and what do your users care about. Your SaaS SEO consultant will be able to help you with this exhausting practice, guiding you into improving your website and your blog. Good content goes a long way in SEO.

3. Consultants Provide a Professional Second Opinion

If you’re not sure about which path to follow in your SEO strategy (if you do have one already), or you need help to design a strategy for your content, your SaaS SEO consultant will give you well-rounded guidance. If you have a few ideas but are not confident, your consultant will provide a second opinion that will make you understand if you’re on the right path to SEO perfection.

It’s difficult to define your company’s SEO strategy on your own. Even though SEO seems to be always the same, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each industry and each individual business has its own needs when it comes to SEO practices, so professional help is always a good investment.

Your consultant will improve your content according to the keyword research and the audit they performed, and design a roadmap to success. It’s a long term job, but SEO requires patience. Sometimes, it’ll take you over six to twelve months to see a consistent improvement in your ranking. But do not let this discourage you: once you’re at the right point in your SEO strategy, it’s all smooth sailing from there. Having a SaaS SEO consultant is going to consistently help you to get high rankings, a good backlink profile, and all the specifics of a well-optimized website.

4. They help the business owner focus on the primary business

It’s not easy to be a SaaS business owner. You always have work to do and it often seems that you can’t catch a break, with all the tasks that keep on coming. You need to delegate, but there are some things only you know how to do.

Getting a SaaS SEO consultant will allow you to get some slack, helping you focus on the essential needs of your company. Your consultant will not only help you by optimizing your website and all your content, but he/she will also allow you to focus on growing your revenue using other measures that go beyond SEO.

Your goal is to get revenue; SEO is one of the paths for it, but not the only one, a SaaS PPC agency can also helps to generate qualified leads. Once your consultant takes care of SEO, you’ll be able to do what you love the most – and what made you decide to become a SaaS business owner in the first place.

5. They have knowledge of content

We mentioned content a few times in this article, but it deserves its own section. Content is one of the main pillars of SEO. Your SaaS SEO consultant should be able to, if not produce your content, at least create guidelines to rule its development. The right consultant for you knows how you can use content for your benefit, not only for SEO but also as part of your inbound marketing strategy.

SaaS products require a content strategy that fits their requirements, explaining all your product features and creating articles about your industry.

Now you know why you should hire a SaaS SEO consultant and what they can do for you. This is a necessary investment and you shouldn’t shy away from it. Your revenue will be your reward.

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