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A Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn Single Image Ad Retargeting

Any marketer on LinkedIn will tell you that getting a lead to convert is no walk in the park, no matter how dazzling the content is. When it comes to retargeting on LinkedIn, there’s no guarantee a lead will convert just because they have in the past. But it’s not all doom and gloom if you’re creating a LinkedIn Ad retargeting campaign – especially if you’re a beginner – because it can be done and we’ll show you exactly how!

1 – What Are LinkedIn Retargeting Ads?

We’ve all been there. Any one of us can recall checking out a product or service online and then in the coming weeks, we’re noticing ads for that item popping up on every website we click on. The good news is – no you’re not going crazy! This is retargeting in all its glory. The idea is to remind people who have previously engaged with your brand to stop by again and be converted. And if you have a LinkedIn ad account – you can do an apt job of retargeting via an ad campaign – and it’s really easy to do. If you experience difficulties, considering hiring a LinkedIn ads agency can help you to setup the right retargeting campaign and formats.

If you are a LinkedIn user, you can create a retargeting ad campaign that focuses on re-converting leads from audiences who:

– Have visited your website and are also LinkedIn users

– Are part of a list of emails you’ve gathered and uploaded to LinkedIn previously

– Are people who view your ad video on LinkedIn

– Are people who fill out a lead generation form through one of your LinkedIn posts.

Again, while there’s no guarantee they will be converted again, but because they are considered a “warm” audience, you’ve already piqued their interest and chances are good.

2 – Overcoming the Challenges of Retargeting

If you’ve built an audience for a LinkedIn campaign before you’ll know that you need a minimum of 300 members/companies before your campaign can go live with any guaranteed success. You’ll also be aware that building an audience means building an audience of people who are likely to convert (e.g.: work in a decision-making role for a company), which can take time.

The other challenge with retargeting is that LinkedIn users can opt out of allowing their data to be tracked when leaving the platform, which can make effective retargeting more difficult when you’re relying on a lead to visit your website via your LinkedIn campaign.

However, Single Image ads can collect data from a lead without them needing to visit your website.

3 – What is a Single Image Ad?

A single image ad on LinkedIn is quite specifically an ad with one singular image and some relevant text. This can be a great option to those new to marketing on LinkedIn and can be used in initial lead generation campaigns, as well as retargeting.

4 – Retargeting With Single Image Ads

When creating a retargeting audience for your Single Image ad, here are your options:

– All previous interactions with your ad: This includes all engagement options (likes, shares, comments, clicks to websites, etc). This means the ad will target anyone who has engaged in any way with your previous ads.

– Users who made paid clicks on your ad: This is only applicable for previous PPC (pay-per-click) marketers and this is dependent on your campaign objectives for retargeting.

5 – LinkedIn Retargeting: Strategies & Sales Funnel

As we’ve previously said, Single Images ads work perfectly well for retargeting campaigns, and the good news is, for this format, we can build a campaign with the goal being to drive the lead to our website to convert and build an audience that isn’t exclusively made up of previous web visitors (who may or may not have opted out of being tracked when travelling from LinkedIn to your website via your campaign).

6 – How To Set Up Single Image Ad Retargeting

First, you’ll need to build a Matched Audience. Here’s how:

– Click on Plan -> Audiences

– Click on the blue button “Create Audience” and choose “Single Image”

Matched audience LinkedIn

– Give this target group a name

– Choose between “Any Interactions with your ad” or “People who performed charged clicks on your ads” and indicate when this should have taken place (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days or 365 days ago). Please note: the older the time period, the less “warm” the lead is considered to be.

LinkedIn single image ad  retargeting

Please also note: it can take up to 48 hours for an audience to fully build, so don’t panic if you don’t see results immediately.

Once your audience is ready, you can select it when creating a new campaign via audiences -> retarget -> One image. You can then add your text and click “Create” to start your campaign.

single image retargeting campaign LinkedIn


Single Image ads can be an effective marketing strategy for both initial and retargeting campaigns on LinkedIn, and can be a simple way to advertise on the platform if your marketing budget or digital skills are basic.

As with any campaign on LinkedIn, it is important to garner a minimum of 300 members when building an audience. This includes building a Matched Audience too.

Choosing an audience for a retargeting ad campaign is comprised of picking users who are considered “warm”, meaning they have previously engaged with your brand.

Finally, while LinkedIn’s data and metrics make it easy to create a campaign that is aimed at the right people for your brand and then track the success of your campaign in real-time, it is important to note that this doesn’t guarantee that a lead will either convert or re-convert. The quality of your campaign also factors heavily in, as well as external factors, such as the economy. A lead will only convert if he or she is in a position to do so, or wants to.

However, spending a little time on creating great, engaging content and building an audience of members who are in a position to be converted will aid you in lead-gen success. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for B2B marketers, so understanding and utilising it correctly will help ensure your marketing campaign ensures a ROI.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help B2B SaaS and Tech companies grow their MRR through LinkedIn advertising, contact us online or send us an email today at to speak with someone on our team.

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