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A Beginner’s Guide To Retargeting LinkedIn Ads Through Video Campaigns

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for B2B advertising, and video is becoming an increasingly popular method of marketing on the platform. But does it work well for LinkedIn ads retargeting

If you’re wondering how to utilise video advertising for a retargeting ad campaign on the platform, here’s a beginner’s guide to smashing your video view targets on LinkedIn.

1 – Why You Should Use LinkedIn For Retargeting Via Video

Getting an audience to engage with your advertising content is always a challenge for marketers, predominantly because internet users’ attention spans are so short. And unfortunately, just because a lead has been converted in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re willing to re-engage again.

Our LinkedIn ads agency believe that prospect’s buying journey is never straightforward and even when retargeting an audience, there is always the threat of your competitor bagging them instead. 

As with the earlier stages of the buyer’s journey, the trick to retargeting is identifying a lead’s pain-point and convincing them that engaging with you again will solve their problem.

If you’re planning a marketing campaign via LinkedIn, you have a good chance of converting a lead via video content because it’s quicker and easier for them to consume than reading through great whacks of text, or relying on one or two images to sell a product or service.

But how can you guarantee viewer engagement via video content?

2 – The Best Tactics for Retargeting Via LinkedIn Video Marketing

If you’re new to advertising on LinkedIn through video content, it can be disconcerting to know whether leads will watch the video or not, so if you’re wondering what you can use video marketing for and how to increase your chances of getting an audience to re-engage – read on!

2.1 – Create Video Content to Remind an Audience to Complete a Purchase

If your company has recently launched a new product or service, you can use video marketing on LinkedIn to encourage your audience to finalise the last part of the buying journey.

One of the great things about LinkedIn’s data pulling is it can lead you to audiences who are particularly responsive to video advertising, which can help you build a retargeting audience who are most likely to engage.

So, with this in mind, you can create a video that reminds a buyer of a particular offer or discount they can use when purchasing your product or service. This is particularly successful if the offer or discount is valid for a limited time only – or if the discount/offer is only available for viewers who watch the video = guaranteed video clicks!

2.2 – Use Retargeting to Boost Brand Awareness

Video advertising on LinkedIn also works perfectly well if your objective is to build or boost brand awareness for a retargeting audience. This gives you an advantage because with brand awareness marketing goals, an audience is already familiar with you and has already been assured you’re a reliable business source in the past.

2.3 – Grow your Audience with Retargeting

Video content will serve to grow an audience – even if the purpose is retargeting. An idea would be to create video content that both educates and entertains a lead, then throw in a good CTA (call-to-action) that perhaps invites them to like your brand’s LinkedIn page or signs them up for an email newsletter, etc.

3 – Create a LinkedIn Matched Audience for Retargeting

With LinkedIn, once a video campaign has gone live, you can then create a Matched Audience based on who is watching the video. This will then become your retargeting audience. Here’s how to create a Matched Audience on LinkedIn:

– Click “Account Assets” in the Campaign Manager dashboard and select “Matched Audiences” from the drop-down menu.

LinkedIn ads matched audience

– Click “Create Audience” on the right-hand side of the page and select the “Video” option.

– Give your retargeting audience a name. Naming them after your video content they first engaged with can be useful.

– Select the percentage of the video that this audience watched.

– Choose the campaign/s from which you want to create your retargeting audience. You can choose as many campaigns as you wish.

– Click “Create”.

LinkedIn matched audience video

TOP TIP: It takes circa 300 qualifying video views before a retargeting ad will begin to show. Until then, the audience is considered as “building.” 

4 – Create a Second Ad Directed at Your “Warm” Retargeting Audience

So, now you’ve created your Matched Audience – what next? 

You need to run a second video ad that is aimed at the viewers from the first ad. Here’s how to set up your retargeting for your second video ad:

– Log in to Campaign Manager.

– Scroll down to the “Audiences” option and click on it. Then choose “Retargeting > Video”.

– Select the video retargeting audiences you want to use for this campaign.

audience video view LinkedIn Ads

– Click “Close”.

5 – Should You Use LinkedIn Video Ads?

If you’re still on the fence about whether video advertising on LinkedIn is the right course of action for marketing your brand, then remember this: users are consuming more video content these days, and much less written content; simply because it is easier/lazier consumption! So, with that in mind, keeping video ads as an option for your LinkedIn marketing is wise.

The great thing about LinkedIn is it provides you with data insights as to what ad formats audiences are most responsive to, so you can use this to create certain campaigns at certain audiences for advertising in the future. And where video features in is it can be utilised for every step of the buying journey. You just need to tweak the elements of your video content accordingly to each step.

Another thing to keep in mind is we can now use square and vertical video formatting for video advertising, which is useful because it is larger on mobile screens – which is what much content is consumed via! So be sure to take advantage of that.


Video advertising on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for any stage of the B2B buying journey and shouldn’t be ruled out if your focus is retargeting your “warm” audiences.

If you’re new to video advertising on LinkedIn, you can use the first video content you share to then pluck data and build Matched Audiences for the next step of the buying journey. This is perfect for identifying a retargeting audience because LinkedIn’s data will display users who have interests in your brand’s industry/products/services, as well as LinkedIn users who respond best to video advertising.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help B2B SaaS and Tech companies grow their MRR through LinkedIn advertising, contact us online or send us an email today at to speak with someone on our team.

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